You can stop going to school, but you never stop getting educated.

In less than a week, I will begin classes as a part of HackerYou‘s full-time front-end bootcamp cohort. A year ago, I never would have imagined myself enrolling in a course to learn to code- it’s funny how things work out sometimes. The path leading up to this decision was obstructed by introspection and uncertainty, yet the undeniable presence of excitement and the opportunity to seize control of my future enabled me to continue forward.

But first, a little background.

Though it’s been more months than I care to admit, I will take the freedom to continue calling myself a recent graduate. My educational background was in a rather technical subject and it was one with promising employment prospects. I had never challenged this notion nor did I have much reason to forego entering the industry after graduation. Until one fateful day in May. 

By fortune of a sponsored course, my fellow project teammates and I had the opportunity to attend an annual conference held by the Ontario Centres of Excellence. Small companies and start-ups throughout Ontario showcased their products, services, and ideas over 2 days and without question, I had never been surrounded by that many individuals with such motivation, innovation, and inspiration. It also helped that they brought in a very persuasive keynote speaker

Long story short, a whole new world opened up to me that day and I dived deep into the tech industry. I read anything and everything I could find, tried online coding lessons, and pondered the new rules of business practice and strategy. I was fortunate enough to have a brief stint working on business development with a local start-up, and I realized the ability to code was not only useful in bringing ideas to fruition but it will become a major part of society in the near future. 

Which brings me back to now. It was definitely not easy choosing the path of autonomy and creative freedom over stability and a traditional career, not to mention a little overwhelming at first to even decide which coding languages to learn first; but I believe HackerYou’s full-time program will give me a great start and foundation on coding, and to continue coding into the future. After all, it is an ever evolving industry and I am motivated by the vast opportunities coding has to offer.